Jan. 2017
A Mobile App Design


Is there an APP that can change the world?

Yes, there are plenty out there in the market. But you might have never heard of Give&Get. I think you are going to love it.

This is my own personal project that I have been working on. In Melbourne, people sometimes feel it is difficult to reach out for help or to help others. Especially when there is an emergency. In order to solve this issue, I designed a mobile APP that acts as a online medium for people to trade their services using their skills and products in a time-efficient manner.


To create a mobile APP that provides an online trading platform for users to do tradings based on their needs in a timely manner.


2 weeks

2 weeks + 1 UX Designer (Me)

User Needs & Business Needs

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 5.59.53 pm.png

The Deliverables

  • A hi-fi prototype

  • A product roadmap

giphy (1).gif


The Outcome

  • A whole new world, where there is a exponential cycle of kindness by paying it forward.


1. Start broadly and keep narrowing down based on the double diamond model. I started this project with a very broad and vague idea: how can I make people’s life easier, and what is more, make the world a better place. Then, based on my interview, interviewees mentioned that they needed help in daily tasks. They preferred to ask friends or families for help but more often than not, friends and families can’t help them in a timely manner. So the brief was narrowed down to deal with daily tasks during emergency through the lens of peer-to-peer services. A clearer brief had helped me achieve a better focus in research.

2. Business needs are equally important as user needs, especially at the early stage of a product life. A product cannot survive by only being user-centric. It is also indispensable to incorporate business strategy into the UX process, like how to get the first group of users, how to obtain and maintain Daily Active Users (DAU), and make profits in a long term.